YouTuber goes viral exposing the worst Warzone cheater ever

Connor Bennett
Roze from Warzone running on a roof

A Call of Duty Warzone player has gone viral after exposing what might be the worst cheater in the history of the battle royale.

Just like its battle royale rivals, Warzone has had issues with a whole list of different things. Players have complained about weapon balancing, skill-based matchmaking, and a whole load of other issues.

However, the biggest, and seemingly most difficult to fix, is the cheating that goes on. Some cheaters use hacks that let them see through walls, use aimbots that don’t miss shots, and there have even been invisible players running around.

Usually, when you run into a cheater, you’ve got no chance of pulling out a win. They’re probably going to secure the victory. However, one Warzone player managed to spectate what might be the worst cheater ever.

Warzone train line
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

It comes from Reddit user zimrh, who showed that, after being eliminated by a cheater in a game, he decided to stick around and spectate just how absurd the cheats. However, he got something different.

After picking up a good few headshots at range, the cheater – PlzDontCry – almost killed themselves by overcooking a grenade. And then, they made a fool of themselves by jumping in and out of a window for nearly 30 seconds.

However, the cherry on top came right at the end when zimrh noted that, with a 1v1 ahead of them, the cheater made a “fatal mistake.” They switched gun to their sniper and allowed the opposing player to get shots off first. Despite having an aimbot in their back pocket, PlzDontCry got sprayed down and lost the game.

The Redditors post highlighting the cheaters lowlight quickly picked up steam, with players roasting the cheater for losing. “18 Kills with an aimbot on solos is awful. Genuine players can get that many kills ffs,” commented one player.

“I still can’t wrap my head around how playing the game if you cheat can even be fun,” added another. “I mean even WITH an aimbot he sucks, at this point just uninstall the game and keep what’s left of your video-game dignity, commented another.

Obviously, highlighting cheaters makes it easier for the developers to swing the banhammer, plus it’s a nice touch of karma when they do slip up.