YouTuber Drift0r explains why Modern Warfare might still have a season pass

Drift0r - YouTube / Infinity Ward

Call of Duty YouTuber Brad ‘Drift0r’ Overbey believes that the upcoming Modern Warfare title will still include a season pass, contrary to what most players have been lead to believe.

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Modern Warfare was finally confirmed to be CoD’s 2019 installment on May 30, and during the reveal event, Activision and Infinity Ward made mention about what they had planned in regards to a season pass.

“We’re eliminating the tradition season pass,” they said. “So that we can deliver more free maps and content, as well as post-launch events to all players.”

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This announcement got many excited, as it led them to believe that Activision were finally ditching the season pass model that has existed in so many previous CoD games.

The season pass, of course, gives players who purchase it access to all of the exclusive DLC content that is released for a specific game throughout the year, costing less than if the content was purchased individually each time. 

Infinity WardModern Warfare 2019 will be a complete reboot of the MW series, which is why they opted not to go with MW4 as the title.
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However, Drift0r has been quick to suggest that players should not get too ahead of themselves, as there is a good chance that Modern Warfare could still feature some sort of season pass.

In a video he published on June 1, the YouTube explained that the quote was slightly misleading, since the developers still left the door open for Modern Warfare to still feature some sort of “non-traditional” pass.

“The wording here is a little bit complicated,” he explained. “What most people saw is ‘no season pass.’ But that’s not what they said. It kind of makes you think that. I take a closer look and I’m like ‘well, why did the say no traditional season pass?’ You could just say no season pass.”

“I think it means they have some kind of other pass planned that we don’t know what it is yet. It’s unfortunate.”

Infinity WardThe MW campaign is apparently set to the most controversial CoD single-player story yet.

Why having a season pass is not a good idea

Drift0r went on to list the various reasons why having a season pass in Modern Warfare would simply not be a good idea.

For one, he mentions how season passes are an old business model, since so many of today’s games release content for free to all players, and it would just set CoD behind those games in terms of content availability.

He also explains that the passes really divide the player-base based on what content they may or may not have, such as map packs. This divide can be very detrimental to matchmaking, as opposed to if all players were given access to all DLC content. 

His final argument was that it’s impractical to have both a season pass and microtransactions, and that Activision and Infinity Ward should choose between one or another rather than stuffing every bit of new content behind a pay wall.

Segment begins at 2:26 mark for mobile users.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is set to be released on October 25, 2019. The highly anticipated Multiplayer reveal is expected to take place at the E3 gaming convention, which kicks off on June 11.