YouTuber claims Blackout runs worse than PUBG and Fortnite

. 4 years ago

A YouTuber who specializes in networking claims that Blackout’s netcode is worse that both Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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The video, uploaded by Battle(non)sense, breaks down exactly how Blackout’s netcode works, and compares it to Fortnite, PUBG and the normal Black Ops 4 multiplayer.

Chris, who runs the Battle(non)sense YouTube account, uses a program called Wireshark to learn and analyze the networking capabilities of various games such as Fortnite, Battlefield and Ironsight.

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When testing out the Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta, Chris was able to find that the beta ran at a tick rate of 62Hz. However, when he tested the Blackout beta, he found that the game ran at a tick rate of only 10Hz when players landed, and saw just a slight improvement as the game went on, as it reached a peak of 20Hz.

Chris then goes on to reveal that these are similar problems to ones that both Fortnite and PUBG faced when they launched, but that they have since been able to improve their tick rate to a more consistent level, sitting around 30Hz.

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