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xQc’s keyboard took a beating during his Blackout beta stream

Published: 15/Sep/2018 0:32 Updated: 15/Sep/2018 0:48

by Virginia Glaze


Professional Overwatch player and streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was taking part in the Blackout PC pre-order beta when he experienced a few rage-inducing moments on stream.

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In one instance, it appeared as though his keyboard wasn’t bound to the correct controls. He hid out in a nearby building to quickly rebind them, but didn’t get a proper chance to do so before an enemy ran up to meet him.

He was quickly dispatched, causing the streamer to throw a couple of punches at his keyboard in frustration. “I fucked up the fucking bindings, dude!” he said in despair, throwing his hands over his head.


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That wasn’t the end of the salt, either. After another death, xQc had beef with one of the game’s announcers, who state, “Outgunned, outplayed, and out of luck,” upon a player’s defeat.

xQc threw his headphones down and questioned the comms after spectating began. “I’m sorry – what did the game say to me?” he asked. “Out-combated, outgunned – fuck you man, that’s just a free game, man, I don’t want to watch that,” as he exited the spectating screen.

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During a subsequent game, xQc exchanged gunfire with another player on an open road and appeared to get a few hits in. However, his opponent took the victory, taking him out after just two shots.


The streamer was incredulous at his defeat and punched his keyboard again, opening his palms in exasperation.

“What the fuck just happened?”

This isn’t the first time xQc has had explosive moments on stream – in fact, he is noted for his larger-than-life reactions, some of which have been compiled on his YouTube channel

xQc is likewise known for his skill in Overwatch, and has played for the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League’s inaugural season, as well as for Team Canada during the Overwatch World Cup.