xQc roasts TimTheTatman’s ‘spectator’ Warzone streams

xQc roasts TimTheTatman for repeatedly dying while streaming WarzoneTwitch: xQc / TimTheTatman

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel couldn’t believe what he was watching after tuning into one of TimTheTatman’s Warzone streams – where he spends the majority of time just spectating other players.

xQc has been vocal about a lot of things lately, including why he’s planning to increase donation costs on his channel, why people claiming Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has fallen off are wrong, and how annoying it is to deal with “unreasonable” haters on social media.

However, he doesn’t like being serious all the time, and he poked a bit of fun at fellow star TimTheTatman after watching him die repeatedly only to spectate enemies.

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Twitch: TimthetatmanTwitch: Timthetatman
TimTheTatman sometimes makes hilarious but questionable plays on Warzone.

xQc explained that he was watching TimTheTatman stream Warzone the other day and couldn’t believe how often he was dying. “He actually played it for a total amount of maybe like twenty minutes over the course of six hours,” laughed xQc.

“He would drop in, die, and spectate the whole f**king game from start to finish. Then he would just sit there and comment. He would just sit there and watch the whole game. The whole game!”

xQc isn’t the only one to roast him. Many others, including Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm, and even the official Fall Guys Twitter account have all ripped into him from time to time.

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However, Tim never seems phased about being the butt of the joke. He even embraces it, which is something his fans love about him, including multi-award-winning rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, T-Pain.

He’s been using the spectating content to great effect too, providing his viewers with as many hilarious moments as him playing himself.