xQc and Call of Duty lobbies are a match made in trash-talk heaven

xQc and Call of Duty lobbies are a match made in trash-talk heavenTwitch, xQcOW

Famous Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc” Lengyel is never one to shy from a screaming battle. So it should be no surprise that, during an impromptu Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War stream, he kept CoD’s trash-talking traditions alive.

Call of Duty is well known for its in-game trash talking, from multiplayer, to Warzone, to the CDL, trash talk has always been… prominent.

xQc has had notable interactions with other people while playing games himself, but this is his latest encounter to come from Call of Duty.

The streamer did not hold back while playing Cold War and let everyone in the lobby know he was not one to mess with.

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xQc with top-tier CoD trash talk

The Twitch star got into a heated trash-talk session with players in his multiplayer match. During halftime of his Domination game, xQc was explaining to his chat that it was unrealistic to survive a point-blank explosion.

The opponents did not like xQc “complaining” and it led to a full on screaming battle taking digs at everyone.

Later on in the game xQc talked about why he thinks Call of Duty’s players are bad. He mentions how devs take time creating a game mode that revolves around objective play but people just ignore that and lose on purpose to get more kills.

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It’s clear xQc cares about one thing and one thing only: winning.

For those who wonder if he went on to win the game, yes. xQc and his team were able to rally for the victory and the post-game reaction is pure comedy.

Later on in his stream xQc tried out League Play and the competitive side of the game. Let’s just say, no matter what game mode he’s playing there is no avoiding the trash talk.

After getting rolled 3-0 in a game of control the enemy team thanked him for the win, xQc claimed the other team got lucky because he didn’t have proper classes.

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xQc is signed to Luminosity Gaming, the parent org for CDL team Seattle Surge, which lends to some interesting potential.

It’s obvious that he’s built for the lobby trash talk, so maybe we can see him debut in Challengers if the gunny can catch up. After all, he was pretty good as a pro in the Overwatch League.