XDefiant dev reveals feature to eliminate MW2-like movement problem

aches playing at MLG LAN with XDefiant logoMLG/Ubisoft

Former CoD World Champion and current XDefiant dev Patrick ‘Aches’ Price revealed a feature to cut down spamming, and CoD community members are jealous.

Ubisoft’s latest FPS title, XDefiant, has turned heads during its closed beta, surpassing Call of Duty viewership on Twitch. The free-to-play 6v6 arena shooter received glowing reviews, and disgruntled CoD fans welcomed a competitor with open arms.

XDefiant features 14 maps, 18 weapons, and fast-paced gameplay. Industry veteran Mark Rubin, responsible for classic CoD titles such as CoD 4, Modern Warfare 2, and 3, led Ubisoft’s project.

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The up-and-coming FPS title takes plenty of inspiration from CoD. Aches transitioned from professional player to game designer, helping create an XDefiant feature that’s sure to excite CoD fans.

XDefiant punishes players that snake and spam behavior

The term snaking refers to players positioning themselves behind an object on a map and switching between prone and crouching positions very quickly. Players rapidly peeking over cover allows them to get intel on an enemy’s position without being punished.

The controversial tactic is especially prevalent at the highest level of CoD, and Call of Duty League pros have increasingly grown frustrated over its abuse.

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During a Major IV Qualifiers match, Florida’s ‘Brack’ used an egregious amount of snaking during a crucial gunfight, and competitive community members flamed the play.

An XDefiant player blasted the game for penalizing jumping and sliding, and Aches responded by explaining the reasoning behind the design decision.

“The reason for this is to stop egregious spam behavior.”

“However, we do not want to limit the player from utilizing great movement, as I’m sure you’ve seen.”

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The XDefiant dev elaborated that an ADS sway penalty occurs when a player spams sliding, jumping, or crouching in quick succession.

XDefiant’s innovation would theoretically eliminate snaking if CoD implemented a similar feature. The more a player switches between crouching and standing makes it slower and harder to aim.

Aches added that the feature is still a work-in-progress and is open to feedback and suggestions on improving it.