XclusiveAce’s revamped MW2 perk system gets players’ instant approval

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CoD YouTuber TheXclusiveAce has unveiled what he would change about Modern Warfare 2’s perk system, and players of the game think it’s the perfect solution. 

Modern Warfare 2 stuck to the established CoD formula in some ways and sought to innovate it in others. One aspect of traditional multiplayer it revamped was the perk system. 

Where past iterations have let players pick three, MW2 lets players pick four. However, they start matches with two (Base perks) and earn the next two across the course of the match (Bonus & Ultimate perks).  

This has come in for some criticism from the player base and, ahead of the delayed Season Two, CoD expert TheXclusiveAce has weighed in on the debate. 

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In a January 20 video, the content creator outlined his issues with the current system and how he would change it. 

He explained: “I think the initial intent of this system was to have your gameplay evolve throughout a match… [but] it feels much more like you’re just being actively held back for an arbitrary reason until you earn the perks and now you’ve unlocked the playstyle you wanted to play with from the beginning.” 

Instead, Ace proposed three tiers of perks, with the first being “playstyle defining” perks. The second tier would be bonuses for players to choose on top of their playstyle. The third tier would relate more to equipment or movement perks, like Scavenger and Ninja. 

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MW2 players laud XclusiveAce’s suggested perk system

It seems to have gone down especially well with the player base. A Reddit post from one player was titled “We really need this reworked perk system” and players flooded in to agree. 

The general consensus was, like Ace argued in his video, that the altered system would allow players to play how they want from the off, without random restrictions on perks. 

One fan, for example, wrote: “The most important part is removing the idiotic charge up system… I think his video here is spot on. One can dream.”

While Infinity Ward have been tight lipped about perk changes so far, they have promised Season Two will bring a host of community-driven changes. In the words of one Redditor, we can dream. 

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