World Champion ACHES Explains Why Changing to 5v5 This Season Could Ruin CoD Esports

Albert Petrosyan

Evil Geniuses pro Call of Duty player Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price believes that switching to 5v5 for competitive CoD would be disastrous for the esport.

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The longtime veteran, who is fresh off winning the 2018 CWL Championship, has been adamantly petitioning for the format to remain 4v4 after rumors and speculation have recently surfaced suggesting that the CWL was considering switching things to 5v5.

ACHES explained his position via a series of tweets on August 30, after OpTic Gaming content creator ‘Hitch’ also tweeted about the topic.

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Will be absolutely baffled if it does. Such a disrespectful move tbh. Puts everyone in a shitty situation + have to create a team on based on an entirely new dynamic, stretches budgets and players make less. Orgs with $$ will be able to afford 5 superstars, AM scene can’t compete.

The conversation continued on Twitter as several other began contributing their own point of view on the matter. 

ACHES did reveal that he was not entirely opposed to the notion, but rather felt that if a change that massive was going to be implemented, it should be done after players and organizations were notified well in advance.

I’m ok with 5v5, IF ITS WITH A YEAR NOTICE, and there’s a guaranteed structure planned out and guaranteed for years to come.

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Although the elite tier of today’s competitive CoD players would likely be good enough to adapt to 5v5, ACHES’ arguments do make sense in terms of team logistics and finances.

As a long-time competitor in the pro scene, ACHES has been through virtually every scenario and is likely just trying to look out for his fellow players, who are trying to either sustain or build a career in CoD esports, whether they be established stars or up-and-coming and fringe players trying to break into the top ranks.