Will Modern Warfare 2 owners get early access to Warzone 2?

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When Warzone first launched in early 2020, the battle royale title was made exclusive to Modern Warfare owners only for a limited time. But will Infinity Ward and Activision follow suit with Warzone 2 by giving MWII players exclusive early access?

Warzone 2 is due to launch on November 16, a little under three weeks after Modern Warfare 2 dropped, putting the original Warzone into the background while players swap the urban environment of Caldera for the large city landscape of Al Mazrah.

While Warzone itself has been very popular, Activision and developers Infinity Ward wanted to bring players a new battle royale experience, unifying the BR with MW2 and every CoD game going forward.

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While the game will remain free to play, there has been some speculation that it could launch locked behind the Modern Warfare 2 paywall, or give MW2 players preferential treatment in some way.

Warzone 2 early access

Those who can remember back to March 2020 will know that Modern Warfare (2019) owners were able to play Warzone a few hours before it launched globally to everybody else. While it was only around 3 hours of early access, it still gave MW players that initial edge, as well as a chance to pick up some wins before anybody else could even play.

Similarly, when Caldera first launched, players who owned Call of Duty: Vanguard were able to access the new map 24 hours early, with non-owners having to wait on the sidelines for that time.

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While nothing has been confirmed by the developers, with not long left until the launch of the BR, we’re assuming that Modern Warfare 2 players will not have early access to Warzone 2.0.

This means that all players will start on a level playing field, with the game set to drop at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET/6 PM GMT) on Wednesday, November 16.