Will Himmelmatt Expo be added to Modern Warfare 2 ranked play?

Himmelmatt Expo map in Modern Warfare 2Activision

Himmelmatt Expo was added to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer with the launch of Season 2 Reloaded on March 15, and with a lot of rumors circulating over it becoming a Call of Duty League map, one question many have asked is whether it will be added to ranked play.

Ranked play has been a huge hit since it got added to Modern Warfare 2, with players dropping in and attempting to fight their way up the ranks and, hopefully, match up against the pros and prove their worth as a competitor.

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Despite that, there are certain maps and modes that players and competitors really don’t enjoy all that much and were desperate for new maps to arrive that could be competitively viable.

In stepped Himmelmatt Expo, which immediately entered the discussion to be a CDL map, possibly replacing Al Bagra Fortress. But will it actually happen?

Himmelmatt Expo in CDL & ranked play

Unfortunately for those who want to see Fortress out of the map pool — especially for the Control game mode — it’s easier said than done to get Expo added in permanently.

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The devs have added the map to Ranked, with both Control and Search & Destroy joining the rotation as a test for an eventual pro league debut, but it’s still not a lock to make it in.

At this moment in time, the Call of Duty League is played on an older patch of the game, due to a killcam glitch that has been present in the game in recent updates. Treyarch has now addressed that issue in Ranked Play, but it’s still persisting in private matches.

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Obviously, this puts the league in a bit of a tough spot, especially as an overwhelming number of CDL players want Fortress removed.

There certainly won’t be a decision made before Major 4 Qualifiers start on March 31, but the community still has hope that it will join the lineup ahead of Major 5 and Championship Weekend.