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Wild Warzone Rebirth Island “wind” glitch is blowing players off the map

Published: 30/Mar/2022 21:31

by Lawrence Scotti


Warzone players have been encountering tons of Rebirth Island glitches since the launch of the new map, the latest one involves a bug that pushes them off the map before they can even land.

Raven Software’s newest patch for Rebirth Island in Warzone has been riddled with bugs since it launch on March 23.

One glitch has left players weaponless and floating through walls, leaving the FPS nearly unplayable.

Now, another bug has been discovered by players which doesn’t allow them to start the match at all.

Warzone fans hit out at a glitch that pushes them off the map before landing.

Rebirth Island bug has “wind” lift players off map

On March 29, user braggster92 posted to the CODWarzone subreddit showing off a bug they encountered.


“The wind they added to rebirth is wild” they titled the post, along with the clip showing off the glitch.

In the video, braggster is trying to land on the map but is continually pushed towards the water via unintended “wind.” Just when they think they can make it back and land safely, it’s not enough and they land in the water.

Tons of Warzone players in the comments echoed braggster’s frustrations and said they too encountered this new bug.

One user commented, “I love how every reset places you just close enough that you think you have a chance to make it. This is torture.”


Another Warzone fan said, “I like how the lag stopped only when you’re guaranteed dead.”

This new “wind” glitch joins the tons of other bugs players have been finding in the game since the latest update dropped.