Why Warzone is making TimTheTatman, Cloakzy & more consider controller switch

Theo Salaun
timthetatman cloakzy
Youtube, @TimTheTatMan / Instagram, @Cloakzy

The console vs. PC debate is eternal, but it appears that Call of Duty: Warzone streamers like TimTheTatMan, Cloakzy and KingRichard are temporarily swapping over to controller in lieu of mouse and keyboard.

Like Fortnite, Warzone’s inclusion of PC vs. console crossplay has brought about controversy and debate. We’ve seen console-dominant streamers like Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow make the swap to PC, but a variety of keyboard and mouse players are now swapping to controller and, while each cites different reasons, they all seem to agree that Infinity Ward’s battle royale plays better on the joysticks.

Tim’s swap to controller seems to have been relatively unprompted, despite the coincidental timing that the Scuf he unboxed just happened to be Dr Disrespect-branded on the day that the Doc was making his highly anticipated return to streaming. Later, Tim did seem pleased with the transition though, as he claimed to have “never lost a Gulag on controller.”

Meanwhile, Cloakzy and KingRichard are much more competitive players and therefore have more intentional rationales behind their decisions to try out controllers. On his stream, Cloakzy asked for his chat’s help with choosing a new Scuf to order before exploring why he wanted to make the transition.

Although he earlier just summarized that “controller is really easy for Warzone” and that controller lobbies “are muy bueno,” he went on to clarify that PC can enable “a lot more flashy plays,” but with “a controller, you’re a lot more consistent.”

While it’s hard to verify whether controller lobbies are actually easier, the rest of his analysis is reasonable. Players are able to pull off nasty flicks with a mouse, so the flashiness is there, but the strength of aim assist on controller makes it easier to have a higher floor in your performance.

KingRichard’s reasoning for a swap to controller seems more determined by the overall trend in gaming, which he believes to be moving in the direction of controllers dominating the majority of competitive play. While this argument doesn’t hold weight for games like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, or Valorant, it’s not farfetched for titles like Call of Duty and Halo.

As KingRichard responds to a chat asking if his controller switch will last through Halo’s release, “I’m playing games on controller. They’re not making games that are competitive on keyboard and mouse, that s**t is dead.”


This recent surge in switches to controller may, in part, be influenced by the fact a team of controller users, NICKMERCS, Swagg, and DiazBiffle, just won the $100,000 Toronto Ultra Warzone tournament (over the likes of Cloakzy and TimTheTatMan). 

Regardless of exact reasoning behind each player’s decision to swap their preferred input, this should at least provide for some good barometer adjustments as they can now more accurately compare systems. If Tim starts dropping 20-bombs and surviving parachute drops, we’ll know which input is better once and for all.