WhosImmortal reveals massive Perk change every Warzone player should be making

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Cold Blooded in Warzone Pacific

Warzone’s Perk meta received a facelift in Season 3 Reloaded and Immortal has highlighted the biggest change that every player needs to make if they want to catch up with the latest trends. 

For much of the last two seasons, Double Time has reigned supreme in terms of Perk One. The enhanced movement offered by extending a player’s sprint time is a valuable thing to have in any mode, but with the oversized nature of Caldera, it became the default choice for most players.

However, with the arrival of the speed boost pickups and the installation of a Fast Travel system, that extra movement declined in value just as another change in gameplay has caused a new Perk One competitor to appear.

New meta for Warzone perks after Season 3 Reloaded

Operator on the cover of Warzone Pacific
There’s a new Perk meta emerging in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded.

After the update, it’s become clear that Combat Scout is nearly undefeated in Perk 3, so while Double Time crept Cold-Blooded out of the meta temporarily, it’s time to come back to the old favorite.

The overwhelming majority of players are taking advantage of the ‘wallhack’ effects that it offers in order to keep an eye on any slippery enemies. Immortal highlights the exact numbers and it turns out that over 40% of the player base is currently running Combat Scout in their games.


As mentioned in the video above, it’s nearly a guarantee that at least one squad member is going to be running it in every single fight on Caldera.

By switching early to Cold Blooded, the rest of the population can nullify this advantage and essentially cause their would-be assailants to be wasting a slot.

On top of this, they’ll also be expecting their target to light up when they shoot, so when it doesn’t happen, there could be a window of opportunity to get on the move and keep yourself in the game.

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