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Call of Duty • Oct 08, 2019

When is Zombies mode coming to Call of Duty: Mobile?

When is Zombies mode coming to Call of Duty: Mobile?

Call of Duty: Mobile fans may have already explored the multiplayer part of the new game but additional modes could be on the way as well. So, here’s what we know about CoD Mobile Zombies. 


Call of Duty Mobile has taken its new platforms by storm, with over 35 million people downloading it from their respective app stores and jump into a few games of the classic first-person shooter backdrop. 

As it stands, the free-to-play titles gives players the chance to try their hand at Free-For-All, Frontline, Hardpoint, Domination, and the classic Team Deathmatch game modes – with more on the way. However, discussion has shifted towards possible battle royale and zombies add-ons that could arrive in the near future. 


Activision - Call of Duty
Call of Duty: Mobile has allowed CoD fans to take their favorite game everywhere they go.

When will Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies release?

Call of Duty Mobile will have a Zombies mode sooner than later, with a working preview version reportedly going to be made available in May of 2019.

Since that point, information has gone dry and little has been shared about the horde mode being unleashed onto mobile players. One working theory suggests that it may well come in time for Halloween – seeing as it would capitalize on the game’s early popularity by tying into the holiday season. 

That is completely unconfirmed and is solely a theory at this point, though.


What maps will be in Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies?

Unlike the traditional mode where fans in teams of up to four players would fight back wave after wave of undead beasts, the CoD Mobile version might be a little different.

Instead, it will be more of a linear, mission-based system instead of the style that fans know and love. Despite that, though, one fan-favorite setting – Green Run – could make a return, with its Diner, Farm, and Town locations making up a part of the story.

Green Run looks set to make a return in CoD Mobile: Zombies


Will Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies have perks?

Yet, while it may differ from the usual Zombies mode, one long-standing feature will make a return in the form of Perks.

It’s unknown if players will be able to buy them from machines as normal, but according to YouTuber ParkerTheSlayer, there will be eleven in total. The Zombies content creator noted that Quick Revive, Fleet Foot, Hasten, Bloodthirsty, Beefcake, Gecko, and Deadshot will be a part of the list but there’s no word on the old faithful, Juggernog. 


So, there you have it, everything we know about Call of Duty: Mobile and its eventual Zombies mode. We’ll continue to update this article as information becomes available – especially as we draw closer to an eventual release date. 

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