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Call of Duty • May 02, 2019

When is CWL London on for America? Global timezone schedule

When is CWL London on for America? Global timezone schedule

The best Call of Duty teams in the world are descending on the capital of England for the third major open event of the Black Ops 4 season, and we know now when exactly the they will be going head-to-head.


After an impressive victory at CWL Fort Worth, Luminosity travel to London as the reigning champs, but the shine may have been taken off their win as they followed it up with a middling performance in the cross-division split in the Pro League.

Elsewhere, 100 Thieves have looked dominant, and will be hoping that no major illnesses strike a star player again, after their Fort Worth challenge was derailed by Preston 'Priestahh' Greener falling ill mid-game.


Luminosity lift the trophy in Fort Worth.

Other top contenders include the Las Vegas champions OpTic Gaming, but fans will also be keenly watching how the new rosters of FaZe Clan, Team Envy, Denial and Evil Geniuses perform.

A turbulent roster mania period leading into the event saw a major shake up of top players and teams, with Red Reserve exiting Call of Duty esports entirely amid controversy over unpaid salary and prize money.

The 16 pro teams are now split into four groups of four, with each team playing each other once, and the top two sides advancing to the winner's bracket, which begins on Saturday, May 4.


CWL London schedule

Friday, May 3

Pool A

100T vs Rec6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM11:30PM
OpTic vs E66:30AM9:30AM2:30PM11:30PM
OpTic vs REC9:30AM12:30PM5:30PM2:30AM
100T vs E69:30AM12:30PM5:30PM2:30AM
100T vs OpTic12:30PM3:30PM8:30PM5:30AM
E6 vs REC12:30PM3:30PM8:30PM5:30AM

Pool B

Splyce vs Denial5:00AM8:00AM1:00PM10:00PM
GenG vs LG5:00AM8:00AM1:00PM10:00PM
GenG vs Splyce8:00AM11:00AM4:00PM1:00AM
LG vs Denial8:00AM11:00AM4:00PM1:00AM
Splyce vs LG11:00AM2:00PM7:00PM4:00AM
E6 vs REC11:00AM2:00PM7:00PM4:00AM

Pool C

eU vs Envy5:00AM8:00AM1:00PM10:00PM
FaZe vs EG5:00AM8:00AM1:00PM10:00PM
eU vs FaZe8:00AM11:00AM4:00PM1:00AM
Envy vs EG8:00AM11:00AM4:00PM1:00AM
FaZe vs Envy11:00AM2:00PM7:00PM4:00AM
eU vs EG11:00AM2:00PM7:00PM4:00AM

Pool D

Heretics vs UYU6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM11:30PM
Midnight vs Elevate6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM11:30PM
Heretics vs Elevate9:30AM12:30PM5:30PM2:30AM
Midnight vs UYU9:30AM12:30PM5:30PM2:30AM
Midnight vs Heretics12:30PM3:30PM8:30PM5:30AM
UYU vs Elevate12:30PM3:30PM8:30PM5:30AM

Saturday May 4

WR1TBD vs TBD6:00AM9:00AM2:00PM11:00PM
WR1TBD vs TBD6:00AM9:00AM2:00PM11:00PM
LR1TBD vs TBD6:00AM9:00AM2:00PM11:00PM
LR1TBD vs TBD6:00AM9:00AM2:00PM11:00PM
WR1TBD vs TBD7:30AM10:30AM3:30PM12:30PM
WR1TBD vs TBD7:30AM10:30AM3:30PM12:30PM
LR1TBD vs TBD7:30AM10:30AM3:30PM12:30PM
LR1TBD vs TBD7:30AM10:30AM3:30PM12:30PM
LR2TBD vs TBD9:00AM12:00AM5:00PM2:00AM
LR2TBD vs TBD9:00AM12:00AM5:00PM2:00AM
LR2TBD vs TBD9:00AM12:00AM5:00PM2:00AM
LR2TBD vs TBD9:00AM12:00AM5:00PM2:00AM
WR2TBD vs TBD9:30AM1:30PM6:30PM3:30AM
LR3TBD vs TBD9:30AM1:30PM6:30PM3:30AM
WR2TBD vs TBD11:00AM3:00PM8:00PM5:00AM
LR3TBD vs TBD11:00AM3:00PM8:00PM5:00AM

Sunday May 4

OGFTBD vs TBD2:00AM5:00AM10:00AM7:00PM
LR4TBD vs TBD2:00AM5:00AM10:00AM7:00PM
LR4TBD vs TBD4:30AM7:30AM11:30AM8:30PM
LSFTBD vs TBD4:30AM7:30AM11:30AM8:30PM
WFTBD vs TBD6:00AM9:00AM1:00PM10:00PM
LFTBD vs TBD7:30AM10:30AM2:30PM12:30AM
GFTBD vs TBD9:00AM12:00PM4:00PM2:00AM
GFTBD vs TBD11:30PM1:30PM5:30PM3:30AM

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