When is Building 21 back in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode?

Building 21 DMZ editActivision

Building 21 is a new location in DMZ, only available at limited times. Here’s when the extremely valuable location comes back into effect in the Warzone 2 mode.

Building 21 was a surprise hit among the Warzone 2 community – according to many, it was an overall better version of DMZ. Infinity Ward surprised players on December 20 by pulling it from Warzone without any prior notice.

While it was public knowledge that the map is a temporary addition, its sudden departure confused a lot of players and left a sour taste.

“This is really confusing,” commented PrestigeIsKey, a Call of Duty content creator. Many replies agreed, with some accusing Infinity Ward of “time-gating content for no reason.”

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Unfortuntaley for fans that missed out on accessing Building 21 the first go around, they will need to wait a little longer to access it again. As the map is on a regular rotation, you need to be fast to access it. Here’s when the mode is next slated to return.

When is Building 21 coming back?

On January 3, Infinity Ward announced Building 21 has been “shut down” again temporarily. Its next appearance is locked in for Friday, January 6, however, meaning fans don’t have to wait all too long.

To access Building 21, players can farm keycards to access Building 21 in the DMZ before it comes back. Or prepare by reading our Building 21 weapons case guide to check out the map’s rewards.

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Outfitting your guns with the most meta attachments is also recommended for the brutal firefights in Building 21.