When does Iron Trials ’84 end in Warzone?

When does Iron Trials '84 end in WarzoneActivision

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded brought tons of new content to the game, including weapon balancing, the Numbers Event, and a new mode, Iron Trials ‘84. This competitive mode has been one of the community’s favorite, but it isn’t expected to stick around forever. 

Iron Trials was added to Warzone midway through Season 5 Reloaded, giving a hardcore twist to the game’s traditional battle royale.

The mode introduced higher player health, longer TTKs on weapons, fewer “annoying” items, and a whole lot of fun for the player base.

While this competitive playlist for Warzone could be a great feature for a ranked system, it is just a limited-time mode and could be going away very soon.

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warzone iron trialsActivision
Iron Trials is leaving Warzone on September 30, 2021.

When does Warzone’s Iron Trials LTM end?

Raven Software confirmed that the Iron Trials mode will only be available through September 30, 2021. So players can hop into games for another week of hardcore action. With a recent update, the LTM got a bit tougher as some things were adjusted to balance out the game.

While the devs gave a specific date for when this mode is going away, they also revealed some exciting news to the community. They teased that Iron Trials will be coming to custom games in the future.

Even though they only hinted at it being added to custom games, there is always a chance that this could become a permanent feature or be added back when it is released to customs.

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There have been a good amount of players begging for Iron Trials to stay as a permanent mode in Warzone. While there has been nothing from the devs that makes players believe this will come back as a permanent mode, the community is still hopeful.

For now, players have until September 30, to enjoy the highly competitive game mode, when it is set to be taken out of the game.