What sniper scopes have glint in Warzone? Secret changes to sights in Season 4

Warzone character aiming with a sniper around fireActivision

Having the right sniper setup for Warzone is key if you’re aiming to pick up a win, but some classes and scopes are much stronger than others thanks to their lack of glint. So, here’s what you need to know.

Given that Verdansk is so big, Warzone players pretty much all use a sniper or a marksman rifle at some point to pick off an enemy who is just out of range of their assault rifle. That point is punctuated by the KAR having been the most popular for a few seasons now.

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Though, you can’t just post up in one spot and aim down sight, waiting for a foe to cross your path. Your position will be given away by the glint that your sniper scope gives off, if you’re using a scope that has a glint anyway.

Since the start of Season 4, some players have suggested that the ‘no glint’ bug is back, but actually, it seems to have been caused by some secret changes to the attachments.

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Warzone SniperTreyarch/Activision
Running a sniper rifle in a loadout is a perfect way to pick off enemies at a dsitance.

Cold War sniper scopes with glint in Warzone

As popular YouTuber JGOD points out, Cold War sights don’t have any description in-game to inform you as to whether or not they give off a glint.

Some players will, of course, dig deeper to find out if their chosen sight has a glint, but many players won’t, and may just assume that they have the benefit of no glint.

Well, according to JGOD, the only Cold War sights that do have a glint are ones that are 4x and above. Though, the 4x sights may only have a smaller glint than the rest. However, we’ve listed those with a glint below.

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  • LW3-Tundra default scope
  • Swiss K31 default scope
  • Ultrazoom Custom
  • Hangman RF
  • Vulture Custom Zoom
  • SUSAT Multizoom
  • Royal and Cross 4X

Modern Warfare Warzone snipers with glint

As the YouTuber states, the Modern Warfare sniper scopes that display a glint in-game have a description alerting you to that.

So, when you’re selecting a scope, you can actually see if it’s going to give away your position or not, whereas that’s not the case in Cold War.

It remains to be seen if Raven Software will make the requested change so it’s easier to see what the attachment does, or if it’ll just be left for now.

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Either way, you can use the list above so you’re not in for any shocks when you head into Verdansk.

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