What is Warzone Visions of Verdansk? Final event, Vanguard Pacific map, leaks

. 8 months ago
What is Warzone Visions of Verdansk? Final event, Vanguard Pacific map, leaks

As Warzone players await Vanguard integration, new leaks suggest there will be one last event, the Vision of Verdansk that will lead to the new Pacific map. Here’s everything we know so far.

Warzone started with Modern Warfare and then transitioned into Cold War. Now with Vanguard’s release, it will be doing the same.

A known Call of Duty leaker reported that the Vanguard integration would not be coming until Tuesday, December 7, nearly a month after its release.

While we wait for confirmation, a new leak has appeared that suggests there will be one final event in Verdansk before we bid farewell to the map and hello to Vanguard’s Pacific one.

What is Warzone Visions of Verdansk event?

Warzone is no stranger to in-game events for big announcements. Vanguard was revealed in Warzone along with the Nuke event that revealed Verdansk ‘84.

In a leak on Twitter reported by ModenasHD and alaix__ Warzone’s file reveals “ONBOARDING/VOV_HINT” which these two are suggesting will be the Vision of Verdansk, the event that transitions into Vanguard integration.

This event is described by the leakers as a “Live Event.” Every new circle starts a random event, prepare for flashbacks from the past. Contracts and Supply Boxes reward memories of yesterday, with a chance of Powerups or Keycards.”

These suggest that players will be revisiting old timelines in Verdnask’s history. While it is very vague the possibilities are endless as there have been countless of memories made on the map during its time in Warzone.

It was also reported that this event will be split into two separate parts, but that remains unknown. For now, we are left waiting to see if these leaks are true and if the Visions of Verdansk event gets officially announced by Activision.

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