What is Sabotage Contract in Warzone Season 3?

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Contracts are a great way of raising some cash in CoD Warzone and the Season 3 update has bolstered the array of optional missions with the new Sabotage contract. Here’s what it entails and how you can complete it.

Warzone and Vanguard Season 3 features a huge number of changes to their maps, metas, and more. Ground loot perks and an improved RICOCHET anti-cheat system are just some of the noteworthy changes coming to Warzone specifically.

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But another one that could make games of Call of Duty’s battle royale even more interesting is the addition of the new Sabotage contract. Everyone is familiar with Bounties, Most Wanted, and all the rest, but what does Sabotage want you to do to succeed?

most wanted contract in warzoneActivision
Contracts can be paramount to your survival.

How to complete Sabotage contract in Call of Duty: Warzone

According to the official patch notes for Warzone Season 3: “Players will be given a vehicle target somewhere on the map. Destruction of the target will be rewarded with an Armored Truck Deployment via plane. Be warned, this Armored Truck can just as easily become someone else’s…”

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So unlike most other contracts in Warzone, it appears as if this one won’t reward players with cash, instead, plucky combatants will earn an Armored Truck to protect them. To earn it, you’ll need to destroy a target of the game’s choosing.

Warzone Pacific’s Caldera has already introduced a healthy amount of new contracts including Supply Drop, granting you some solid firepower, and Big Game Bounty — essentially a manhunt of the game’s top killer.

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As with all new changes, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact the new Sabotage contract has on games of battle royale.

But do remember, as the patch notes said, but wary of doing all that work to get an Armored Truck, just for another player to steal it!

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