What happened to SBMM Warzone? WZ Stats & other CoD stat trackers you can use

Connor Bennett
Warzone character in the gas with SBMM Warzone stats on screenActivision/SBMM Warzone

Popular stat tracking site SBMM Warzone, which was previously shut down, is back up and running under a domain name – WZ Stats.

Skill-based matchmaking, or SBMM for short, has long been a hot topic in multiplayer games. In theory, it should make things fair and give everyone a level playing field, but players don’t often see it that way.

Back in early January, the Warzone community was split as tools became available for PC players. At first, companion apps allowed users to see the K/D of other players in the lobby, letting you pick and choose games.

Some of these apps and websites were designed to expose cheaters but were constantly changing. As a result, WZ Stats, previously SBMM Warzone, became the most used site around to track stats, as you could see the standard of the lobby you’d gone up against.

sbmm warzone shutdown websiteSBMMWarzone
SBMM Warzone’s website was forced into a shut down by Activision.

Why did SBMM Warzone shut down?

However, as of March 29, the site has had to stop tracking stats due to Activision. According to SBMM Warzone owners, Activision’s lawyers reached out and asked them to cease the stat tracking features.

This is because, when you signed up for SBMM Warzone, you had to link your Xbox Live, Battle.Net, or PlayStation account to do so, and the site could then use Activision’s API  (Application Programming Interface) to track stats.

However, only Activision partners are allowed to use the API, which put SBMM Warzone under legal threats, even though the site owners said they’d reached out to the game developers and publishers in a bid to strike up a partnership.

SBMM Warzone returns as WZ Stats

Although SBMM Warzone was shut down for a while due to Activision, in a tweet posted on May 3, it seems that the site has been restored under a brand new domain, WZ Stats.


More WZ Stats (SBMM Warzone) alternatives

Even though WZ Stats is now a fully operational tracking website for Warzone stats, players looking for alternatives may want even more options to choose from. Thankfully for those players, there are some around.

For a full insight into all of your stats, and compare to your friends and top players, you can use MyStats.

You can also use the official CoD Companion app on mobile.

As SBMM Warzone’s owners are asking for help from the community to get Activision on board, the site could return to its former glory.

However, for now, you’ll have to go elsewhere to get your stat-tracking fix.