What are Warzone’s Redacted weapons? How to find them in Iron Trials

Warzone redacted weapon logoActivision

Warzone’s brand-new Iron Trials ’84 mode has also brought a new weapon class – Redacted – leaving some players a little confused. So, here’s what you need to know.

With Warzone’s Season 5 Reloaded update finally dropping, players have been given a brand new mode to try in the form of Iron Trials ’84 and it’s been a hit.

The mode changes some of the game’s typical settings – including the speed that the circle closes, time-to-kill, and increasing the price of loadouts. That means that some players are relying on floor loot more than ever.

However, some fans have been left confused by a brand-new weapon class, Redacted, that shows up on some guns. However, if you wield the weapons, it might play to your advantage.

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The Iron Trials ’84 mode could be one of the hardest BR modes ever.

Warzone’s Redacted weapon rarity explained

Now, the Redacted tag isn’t like the Zombies Wonder Weapon or finding a mini-gun on the ground in Warzone’s normal modes, it’s simply just a new rarity of weapons like common, rare, or legendary.

What is different about the new weapon rarity, though, is that any weapon you come across that is labeled as Redacted will have eight attachments.

That’s right, more attachments than ever before. They won’t lead to automatic wins, but you’ll certainly get a leg up on the opposition who can only dream of having eight attachments on their weapons.

How to get Redacted weapons in Warzone

In terms of getting your hands on these Redacted weapons, you don’t have to complete an easter egg or only pick the right Red Door to grab one.

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They simply show up as floor loot and some players have found them in supply boxes – especially the rarer orange-colored ones. So, you’ll just have to keep an eye out for them as you run around the map.

Some players have suggested that the new tag could be a trial for more attachments on weapons, but who knows if that’s the case.

Just don’t be afraid to pick one up if you come across it in Verdansk.