Call of Duty

Weird Modern Warfare glitch puts players in Warzone battle royale lobby

by Scott Robertson


Infinity Ward has yet to officially announce their anticipated Battle Royale mode, expected to be called ‘Warzone’ after it appeared locked in-game. However, a bug is placing players in the lobby anyway, exposing more clues about the upcoming mode.

In attempting to keep details of their classified mode off the internet, Infinity Ward overlooked one critical detail in their own game.

The battle royale mode was teased in the Season 2 launch trailer, after the clip ended with players jumping out of a plane with parachutes in a way that’s synonymous with the genre.


But as players jumped in to Modern Warfare to see it for themselves, they were met with a locked-off game mode listed as Classified. Or so they thought.

One player’s game glitched them into a lobby for the classified mode, with the title Warzone clearly listed on the top of the screen. It also showcased locked off options for ‘squad fill’, and when you cycle over to the Weapons tab, it shows options for watches, the armory, and something called drop kits.

The inclusion of drop kits potentially indicates that players would drop into a game of Warzone with a single piece of gear or equipment, much like CS:GO battle royale mode, Danger Zone. In DZ, players can select one item from a list of gear and upgrades, including armor, more pistol ammo, a spare parachute, or a health shot.

Infinity Ward / reddit: ARedWerewolf
The Weapons tab in Warzone shows Drop Kits as a customizable option.


This isn’t the first piece of information about Warzone to get leaked. Soon after the trailer for Season 2 was released, a promotional image from the game showing off the Warzone title, and numerous squads of three standing around a downed helicopter appeared on reddit.

After that was released, Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution added more fuel to the battle royale fire with numerous in-game screenshots from Warzone, including different locations, players riding quads, and the presumed training area. The leaked screenshots from the glitched-into lobby showed a locked-off training area as well.

The key art that was leaked on Reddit showing the Warzone name on the promotional image has been removed, and the image was copyright claimed by Activision on Twitter. However, the in-game images of the lobby remain on Reddit, with other users expressing excitement and a little concern.


One player said they hoped that ‘drop kits’ don’t imply that players drop in with weapons, but another user insisted that they would likely drop in with minimal, secondary weapons like basic pistols or knives.

It could also mean cosmetic items that are prevalent in the drops of games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, with different parachute skins, smoke trails, and other visual effects being available to unlock and customize.

Hopefully, Call of Duty fans won’t have to endure the teasing nature of leaks for too much longer, and the new mode becomes available soon.