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Watch JKap’s Incredible 1 vs 3 Clutch Against OpTic Gaming in Round 11

Published: 20/Jul/2018 13:44 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:07

by Ross Deason


Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan reclaimed a small amount of glory for Luminosity Gaming during the last regular season match in Stage 2 of the CWL Pro League.

Luminosity may have already been eliminated from playoff contention but that didn’t stop the players from wanting to show what they were made of in their last match against OpTic Gaming.

After an intense first four maps, map five on USS Texas was only ever going to end one way: round 11.

All seemed to be lost for Luminosity in that final round when JKap found himself in a seemingly impossible one versus three situation. However, the two time World Champion clearly did not receive that memo:

Having planted the bomb at the A bombsite, JKap desperately needed to prevent the OpTic players from defusing it while also avoiding taking damage in the process.

Somehow, the veteran player found the perfect timing to check the bomb as Sam ‘Octane’ Larew ran past the doorway to cover Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, who was in the process of defusing.

JKap jumped at the opportunity to take down the two players at the same time, killing them before they even knew what was happening and ducking back into the Control Room for cover.

A quick jiggle peek was all he needed to throw a quickly advancing Seth ‘Scump’ Abner off guard, and JKap completed the clutch as soon he popped back out.

Despite the map five heroics, Luminosity still finished in a disappointing sixth place in Division B, finishing with a record of 6-8. However, it will have felt good to get one over on their former teammate, Octane, while Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper will have enjoyed defeating his old team.

OpTic Gaming ended Division B with an identical record to eUnited and UNILAD (10-4) but still retained the top spot in the tie-breaker, giving them the number one seed heading into the Playoffs. Their first match will be against the Stage 1 champions, FaZe Clan.

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Black Ops Cold War devs respond to console-bricking Xbox Series X issues

Published: 24/Nov/2020 6:29 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 6:44

by Brad Norton


Despite the Xbox Series X console just launching, Black Ops Cold War players have reportedly encountered a number of game-breaking bugs already, some that have even supposedly ‘bricked’ the hardware completely.

The new generation of gaming consoles have certainly been hard to come by. However, certain players that were able to get their hands on the Xbox Series X at launch haven’t all been feeling lucky.

Black Ops Cold War launched on the new system, alongside five other platforms. With plenty of unique hardware to account for, it’s no surprise that the release has been accompanied by some critical bugs. While some pull players from the game momentarily, others appear to be far more damaging.

If you’re playing on the Xbox Series X and notice a few crashes, it might be time to put the controller down for a little while.

Gamers that have tried to play through certain issues have reported their brand new Xbox Series X consoles outright breaking and refusing to turn back on.

Word of Caution Xbox Series X from blackopscoldwar

“My Cold War had been crashing my Series X a bunch over the weekend,” Reddit user ‘Junesfoshiz’ said. While it wasn’t a major deal at first, things soon became much worse. “I’d just reboot and move on,” they explained. “Well, when it happened this morning, it was for good. Xbox will not boot back up.”

With their console no longer functioning, they advised others with the same crashing issues to “play something else until there’s a patch.”

Treyarch already investigating Xbox issues

Treyarch is well aware of these devastating issues already. In fact, it’s the top problem on the official Trello board, with developers investigating it at this very moment. “We’re investigating all crashes and across the game,” Treyarch community manager Josh ‘FoxhoundFPS’ Torres added on Reddit.

“My immediate recommendations are to make sure that you’re using the correct version for your platform,” the community manager wrote.

Similar to those playing on the PS5, you can still access the PS4 version by mistake. This can seemingly lead to all sorts of unique problems. Double-check that you’re running the proper version of the game if your Xbox Series X has been crashing while playing Cold War.

Last but not least, “players have also shared that disabling Ray Tracing on XSX has helped.” While you won’t be using the flashy new hardware to its full potential with Ray Tracing disabled, it should prevent some devastating crashes.

An incoming patch should help mitigate a good number of these problems on the Xbox hardware, including those that brick the Series X console. However, there’s currently no ETA on when this patch will arrive.