Warzone’s top 50 June Twitch streamers: Biffle, ZLaner, FormaL produce shocking numbers

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Call of Duty: Warzone continues to be one of the biggest categories on Twitch and the game’s players keep reaching new levels. In June, Twitch’s top 50 streamers posted some wildly impressive stats.

While no one could be surprised by Warzone’s most-watched superstars in June 2021, there are some intriguing emerging takeaways as the game continues to mature and talents continue to emerge.

Of course, the top of Warzone’s most-watched Twitch list is occupied by big-name streamers like NICKMERCS and TimTheTatMan. Those two combined had over nine million hours watched in June, doubling the next three.

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But further down the list, some intriguing names pop up — namely, Diaz Biffle, FormaL, and ZLaner. The former is the only streamer in the entire top 50 who doesn’t use a face cam, while the latter two crack the list despite barely streaming.

For Biffle to crack the top 10 is wild and a testament to the player’s skill. It’s very hard to build a brand and streaming fame without a face cam, but Biff’s Warzone reputation has grown so sharply that people tuned into watch 1.3 million hours of gameplay without him using a face cam once.

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As for ZLaner and FormaL, they both edged out frequent Warzone players despite barely streaming the game in June. ZLaner is literally partnered with Facebook and only streamed on Twitch for two days due the World Series of Warzone’s rules, yet he managed to make it to No. 50.

Formal playing CDL LANCall of Duty League
FormaL played a lot of CoD in June, but not Warzone and not on Twitch.

As for FormaL, the legendary CoD pro somehow lands at No. 42 despite barely streaming in June. With OpTic Gaming intently focused on the Call of Duty League, FormaL still managed to squeeze in a few Warzone stream sessions — and those were enough to catapult him into the top 50.

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This is especially impressive considering players like Rated didn’t get into this list. The Warzone star and former CDL pro is the second-highest Warzone earner ever and No. 3 Aydan’s duo, so him missing the list should be somewhat surprising.

As a final note, this list is only for English-speaking Twitch streams, so there are some notable names left off. Considering how popular Warzone has become globally and on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, it would be interesting to see these numbers combining other regions and sites.

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