Warzone perks receive major overhaul in Season 4: Buffs, nerfs, ground loot changes

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Warzone's perks in Modern Warfare

Warzone Season 4 is here, bringing an abundance of major changes to the game and perks have received a lot of focus this time around. From new additions in the ground loot pool to huge buffs to fan favorites, here’s what to expect when jumping into the action.

Warzone Season 3 introduced perks to the ground loot pool in an all-new way. While Field Upgrades were already offering players minor advantages out on the battlefield, equipable perks brought even more advantages for players who were ready to go hunt them down.

In Season 4, that feature has been expanded even further as an array of new boosts await the brave soldiers who spend time looking for them.

On top of that, some staple perks saw quite a big boost in effectiveness, making them even more important for your loadout.

Warzone perk bags in game menu
There are more than a few perks in the spotlight this season.

All Warzone ground loot perk changes in Season 4

Hot off the presses of the Season 4 patch notes is the word that there are five more perks that can now be scavenged up out of supply boxes.

These aren’t fly-by perks that offer minimal assistance either. Some of the game’s heaviest hitters are now just waiting to be picked up around the map.

They now include the following:

  • Amped
  • Cold-Blooded
  • Combat Scout
  • Double Time
  • Ghost

Perk buffs and nerfs in Warzone Season 4

Battle Hardened’s Stun and Flash resistance effect was cranked up to 70%, that’s nearly double the 40% it offered in Season 3, so expect more players to come crashing blindly through defenses even after they’ve been slowed down by tacticals.

Scavenger now awards $500 of extra cash per kill for anyone running it, and Hardline makes that money even more valuable by giving its wielder 25% off of all Buy Station items including Loadouts Drops.

All of this also builds off of the changes to Radar Jammer and Restock, both of which were adjusted to be a little less powerful during Season 3.

For more information on what’s changed in the new season, take a look at our patch overview that breaks down all of the latest news.

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