Warzone’s new ziplines are broken and leaving players stuck in mid-air

. 4 months ago
warzone redeploy balloon

At the start of Season 2, Warzone added Redeploy Balloons to Caldera to give players better rotation options around the map. The issue is, the zipline is ruining players’ matches completely by sticking them in mid-air.

The Redeploy Balloon lets players travel up one of the ziplines dotted around the map and fly up it, eventually redeploying from the top to get further across Caldera in a reasonable time.

The feature is hugely popular in Apex Legends, which has done a good job stealing some players away from Warzone in recent months, so it makes sense that Raven might want to implement something similar.

The issue is, though, some players are facing serious issues with it, making them borderline unusable.

Warzone Redeploy Balloon gameplay
Redeploy Balloons work just the same in Warzone as they do in Apex Legends.

One player, lakshya, reported that they got stuck at the top of a Redeploy Balloon — and many have come out saying they had the same experience.

Lakshya was attempting to hunt down their bounty when they got to the top of the zipline and got stuck — meeting their bounty up there.

This wasn’t an isolated incident, though. Many other players responded saying the same had happened to them, but the situation is actually even worse than it first seems.

Players affected opted to wait it out and let the storm kill them, going to the Gulag and eventually redeploying.

Some have reported, though, that after doing so, they were unable to apply plates, with the animation happening but no extra protection actually coming, essentially ruining the rest of the game completely.

This is no doubt something that Raven will want to address sooner rather than later — if they want the Redeploy Balloon to be a viable method of mobility in Warzone, letting players get stuck at the top of them is a surefire way to make them useless and make players avoid them completely.

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