Warzone’s new Sai weapon apparently makes your footsteps silent

Warzone character running around with Sai meleeActivision

Warzone players have found that the new Sai weapon apparently makes your footsteps completely silent, but it might only be for the person wielding the blades.

Despite its massive success and popularity, Warzone has had its fair share of issues with bugs, hackers, and exploits.

Drop into a game on Verdansk and you’re as likely to get shot by an aimbotting hacker from the other side of Stadium as you are to find that the audio doesn’t work when someone is sneaking up behind you.

Well, now, it appears a new issue has arisen with the new Sai melee weapon as it appears to give you a “permanent Dead Silence.” However, that might only be for the person who holds the blades.

Warzone train lineActivision
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

Since the release of the Sai, some Warzone players have reported that you don’t give off any noise when tactical sprinting, seemingly allowing you to have Dead Silence whenever you have the melee weapon equipped.

Warzone player evsorr highlighted the unusual find with a clip from a game where, as he ran around Airport, he was pretty quiet. Now, he didn’t get into any fights with enemies, but players were a bit taken back by the lack of footsteps heard on his end at least.

Some suggested that enemies might be able to hear him, but with it being a bit like Dead Silence on his end – blocking out many of the game’s noises – the weapon might give you a slight advantage in finding enemies and getting around the map.

Other players have reported that they’ve fallen victim to enemies who are running around with the Sai and haven’t had any audio cues, so its hard to nail down just how game-breaking of an issue this might be.

Of course, if it does become some permanent Dead Silence style exploit, Raven will likely have to jump into action but with Vanguard around the corner, who knows if these types of issues will get addressed before then.