Warzone’s ‘Eagles Nest’ idea would be perfect Resurgence map for Warzone 2


Call of Duty players are eager for Warzone 2 to implement a revamped Resurgence map, with one concept proving to be a hit with passionate players.

Warzone has seen its environment change drastically since launching in March 2020. Players have battled it out in the streets of Verdansk, the jail cells of Rebirth Island, mountains of Caldera, and the tropical paradise of Fortune’s Keep.

Players have become fond of Rebirth Island and its place within the popular Resurgence playlist, with streamers like Nadia suggesting how the game can revitalize the experience.

Modern Warfare 2 will usher in Warzone 2.0 along with its main map Al Mazrah, but some players are eager to see a fresh idea intended for Resurgence implemented into the game.

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Warzone 2 fans suggest Falklands based map for Resurgence playlist

With only large-scale map Al Mazrah confirmed for Warzone 2, players are hoping to see the game add a new Resurgence experience alongside it. Redditor Butterflychunks has taken this into consideration, unveiling his Warzone 2 concept map known as “Eagle’s Nest.”

The concept is “a snowy island in the Falklands based on the geography of Husøy, Norway.”

Eagle’s Nest is represented with an in-game style map, showcasing numerous POIs such as Headquarters, Shooting Range, and Lighthouse.

The Redditor explained that “people seemed to like the idea of a resurgence map based on Husøy, Norway but there were concerns of having a shooter game take place in Norway, the fact that MWII is taking place in South America, and the fact that there’s now swimming in MWI.”

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With swimming no longer killing the player, Warzone 2 presents a unique opportunity to incorporate water skirmishes across different biomes. However, Butterflychunks noted that “the water could easily be a trap… Maybe a mechanic to prevent zones from ending in the water would help this map out.”

Fellow Call of Duty players have shared their feedback, with one player suggesting that the OP “take the land and bridge out and I’m down. That looks like a solid island to make a kinda blend between Rebirth and Fortune’s Keep.”

“It should be an island only, because if there is the other side two there will be campers all the time hitting people from the other side,” added Redditor Gnap0.

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It remains to be seen whether the developers will revisit Resurgence maps in the future.