Warzone’s broken speed boost attachments finally addressed by devs

Call of Duty: Vanguard character running with Marco-5 SMGActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone developers Raven Software have, finally, addressed the broken grip attachments with Vanguard weapons that were giving players a massive speed boost. 

When the Warzone Season 4 update was finally released by Raven Software, fans of the Call of Duty battle royale quickly flocked to the game to try out the brand-new map, Fortune’s Keep.

However, despite the excitement of the new map, players uncovered a bit of a shocking surprise with a few of the weapon attachments. Most notably, Taped and Leather Grip had been boosting the speed of weapons to the point where players could almost break the land speed record.

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As SMGs and players with insane movement skills took advantage of the issues, it didn’t take long for players to call for a change from Raven. And while it may have taken a minute, the devs had reverted their “mistake” with the attachments.

Marco 5 Warzone weapon previewActivision
The new Marco-5 SMG benefitted in a huge way from the broken attachments.

On June 25, Raven Software’s Tully Ackland – a senior game designer at the studio – noted that the issues with both Taped and Leather Grip had finally been rectified.

“Taped Grip (and Leather) are now “as intended”. I know that might come as a disappointment to some, but will own up to the mistake – fostering a healthy skill gap is a goal, but this was pretty insane,” Ackland tweeted, noting that it could make for a good LTM in the future.

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The Raven dev added that the goal of the tuning had been to “enable choice when building a loadout,” and that Taped Grip can still be a “valuable” pick. Though, don’t be expecting to break the sound barrier.

As the dev notes, the values of how Taped Grip now boosts mobility have been changed, but it probably won’t take long before someone like JGOD or TrueGameData does the real math on it.

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