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Warzone’s big health change is about to ruin the meta weapons

Published: 18/Mar/2022 10:34

by Connor Bennett


The Call of Duty: Warzone devs have teased some pretty big changes coming to health in the near future, and that could spell bad news for some of the battle royale’s current best weapons. 

Ever since Warzone first launched as a part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, health and armor have always been a massive talking point. For some players, it is simply set too low given how quickly the current crop of weapons can wipe out an enemy.

Other fans prefer how things played out when the Iron Trials LTM was around, as the values of health and armor were significantly increased, making for much more even gunfights.


Those fans hoping for health and armor changes are seemingly in luck, given that Raven Software has taken the communities temperature on what they’d like to see it valued at moving forward – with an overwhelming majority in favor of things ticking up slightly to around 150 health.

Warzone gameplay
Some players have repeatedly asked for health to be increased in Warzone.

However, as Warzone YouTuber WhosImmortal points out, that change will likely spell bad news for some of the game’s most popular weapons as the TTK will drastically change.

Using stats provided by TrueGameData, the YouTuber noted that the Cooper Carbine and Automaton – with their current meta builds – could experience a huge drop-off when compared to the CR-56 AMAX, which would jump right to the front of the TTK queue.


Pointing out the Bren, which has been the go-to weapon of most in Caldera, the YouTuber notes that it could still be a dominant force but would likely sit behind both the AMAX and Cold War AK-47, provided there were no massive weapon tweaks.

Of course, with this health change coming as a part of the Season 2 Reloaded update, we could expect some weapon tweaks – but maybe not as many as beforehand.

Either way, the meta is set to undergo a massive shift before long, so it’s best to be prepared for what the developers have up their sleeves.