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Warzone YouTuber reveals warmup that helped him raise K/D from 0.5 to 3+

Published: 23/Nov/2021 23:06

by Theo Salaun


A Call of Duty: Warzone YouTuber went from self-proclaimed, 0.5 K/D bot to a 3+ K/D slayer. Now, he’s shared the warmup routine he used to increase his kill-death ratio by so much and start having high-kill games.

Look, everyone’s been there. No one starts off being super-talented at a first-person shooter, let alone a battle royale. But it’s all about where you go, not where you start. 

That was the case for Twitch streamer Art_Is_War, who had never played a Call of Duty game or BR before Warzone. And in the beginning, he was an absolute bot — shamelessly explaining that he had a 0.5 K/D.


Now, Art boasts a 3+ weekly K/D and he credits the grind for helping him get there. And the first element of his grind is a simple one that everyone can learn from: a quality warmup routine to make sure he always dropped into Verdansk in peak form.

Warzone YouTuber reveals warmup routine to increase K/D

Art breaks down that there were four pillars he worked on when trying to improve at Warzone: movement, mechanics, game sense, and gunskill. While his warmup routine might not help with the IQ aspect, it definitely helps the rest.

Basically, before hitting the BR, Art makes a custom game to fight against bots in Modern Warfare 2019 multiplayer. The base settings are as follows: Unlimited time, unlimited score, 150 health, no minimap, no killstreaks, max ammo.


He uses the Speedball map because it is small, rectangular, and features a variety of cover. And he sets the amount of bots to six and their difficulty to “regular.”

Infinity Ward - Modern Warfare
Similar to a number of Gunfight maps, Speedball gets players into the midst of combat mere seconds after spawning.

After setting up his warmup mode (which he has saved for future use), he jumps in with a Kar98k and MP5. The former is to help him practice centering and the latter is for tracking. 

Essentially, Art uses this routine to focus on his gunplay (recoil control, centering, flicks) and movement. One he feels like he’s in peak form, sliding for cover and jump-challing efficiently, he knows he’s warmed up and ready for Warzone.


Since Warzone is on the MW19 engine, it makes the most sense to warm up there instead of in Black Ops Cold War. If Warzone Pacific shifts the engine to Vanguard’s, he recommends doing a similar routine but on the new game instead.