Warzone YouTuber JGOD finds “huge” issue with DLSS settings affecting aim

Connor Bennett. Last updated: May 17, 2021
youtuber JGOD and a warzone sniper laying down
YouTube: JGOD/Activision

Popular Warzone YouTuber JGOD has highlighted a pretty big issue with using the new NVIDIA DLSS graphics setting as it can throw off your aim just a bit. 

Seeing as Warzone has become so massive, there are a handful of content creators out there who dedicate themselves to finding issues that may ruin the game for everybody, as well as showing which weapons work best.

JGOD is at the forefront of that, highlighting major issues with the MAC-10 and heartbeat sensors in the past, to name just a few.

Now, the YouTuber has shown that there is a pretty noticeable issue with the new NVIDIA DLSS settings on PC that will throw off your aim, even if it does help make your game look nicer and run a whole lot smoother.

Call of Duty Warzone Duos
Activision / Infinity Ward
The main benefit of DLSS is improved FPS, a huge part of outplaying opponents in Warzone.

In his May 15 video, JGOD revealed that by using the ‘balanced’ and ‘quality’ DLSS setting, you may start to notice that your starts don’t actually follow the crosshairs.

Instead, with certain attachments like lasers, the gun’s center aiming point becomes where the laser is pointed and the crosshair no longer lines up with the attachment.

As he shows with a few shots onto a target, the YouTuber hits to the right of where he was initially aiming. “This is off by a little bit, but at range you would definitely notice this a little bit worse,” he said after showing a few examples. “There’s definitely a misalignment depending on what you use and it’ll go in different directions depending on where you’re at.”

Now, this only affects the ‘balanced’ and ‘quality’ parts of DLSS, so if you’re using performance or above, it should be fine.

Of course, some players might be locked into the lower settings and that could force a change. Though, it remains to be seen if Raven or NVIDIA will address it soon.