Strange Warzone wall glitch lets players levitate away from danger

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A Call of Duty: Warzone player captured footage of a wall glitch that allowed their target to magically float away.

Like countless other live-service experiences, Call of Duty: Warzone plays host to its fair share of bizarre gameplay glitches.

One recent bug that made the rounds saw deceased players return for the victory screen. Another, more annoying error that rears its head every so often freezes users in place after they land on the map.

But even the smaller hiccups can prove frustrating, especially if they provide one combatant with an advantage over another.

Weird Warzone glitch causes player to levitate in over a wall

Recently, Just-m-a took to the Warzone subreddit to share a gameplay clip of a weird in-game bug involving a floating player.

In the clip, Just-m-a rounds a wall to take out an enemy combatant lying prone in the grass. It seems an easy kill at first, yet quickly proves to be anything but.

Within seconds the prone player begins levitating, then floats over the stone wall out of reach. They vanish by the time the Redditor makes it back around to the other side of the barrier.

It’s all very peculiar, but other Warzone veterans in the thread explained away concerns about the strange wall glitch.

Users tuiasi, PsydeFX1, and Maedhros_ all noted that the issue looks to be a simple case of “severe server desync.”

It’s possible, then, that countless regular Call of Duty: Warzone players have encountered similar instances of randomly levitating opponents.

While Warzone continues to dominate, Call of Duty fans will soon have another version of the battle royale experience to explore.

Warzone 2 is scheduled to release this fall on November 16 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.