How to claim Warzone Villains Vengeance weapon blueprint

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Raven Software announced that the battle between heroes and villains now has a winner, with a free Warzone weapon blueprint, Villains Vengeance, now available.

Back in August, Raven Software announced the Heroes vs Villains event within Warzone. Players were able to choose to label themselves as a Hero or Villain, collecting tokens for their team by eliminating opponents or completing challenges.

In addition to the individual rewards that players could earn, the event also teased a unique weapon blueprint that would be available to the winning team.

The event, which concluded on September 14, ended with the Villains team emerging victorious. Here is how they can claim their spoils in Warzone with the Villians Vengeance weapon blueprint.

How can Warzone players collect Villains Vengeance?

Contrary to some beliefs, players do not need to have been a part of the Villains faction for the event in order to claim the blueprint.

All participants will be given the Villains Vengeance blueprint regardless of which side they chose. The blueprint will be sent to all eligible Warzone players within the next week — so be sure to do so by September 22.

What Warzone rewards can players collect apart from Villains Vengeance?

In addition to earning tokens for their faction, players can exchange those tokens for individual rewards if they have not done so already.

The rewards and their cost in tokens is as follows:

  • 1,500 points: Hero or Villain Insignia emblem (depending on faction chosen)
  • 15,000 points: Chop Chop gesture
  • 37,500 points: Hero’s Mark or Villains Mark weapon charm (depending on faction chosen)
  • 75,000 points: Conflict Spike weapon blueprint for the Ice Axe melee weapon
  • 150,000 points: Heroes Hand or Villains Vengeance MP40 blueprint (depending on faction chosen)