Warzone vehicles can now kill players through rocks in overpowered glitch


You would think a giant rock would be the perfect cover, but one unlucky Warzone player was hilariously deceived.

Warzone has a troubled history of glitches. Some issues are harmless, but others severely hinder player experiences. A bug revived an entire lobby for the victory cutscene, resulting in a funny visual.

On a more serious note, yet still laughable, a bizarre bug deployed an entire lobby in space and then killed them in the gas.

The battle royale’s latest blunder features a chase scene straight out of a cartoon episode, culminating unexpectedly.

Two vehicles side-by-side in Warzone.Activision
Warzone’s SUVs are a staple to the series.

Warzone player mocks Warzone physics

A Warzone player shared a video clip of a jeep circling them. They thought they were safe behind a rock, but the Jeep drove straight into the rock and killed them despite being covered.

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The Killcam hilariously shows the Jeep ramming the rock and sending the player flinging backward.

Rightfully frustrated, the user created a thread titled “gotta love the physics in Warzone.”

One player questioned the bug victim and responded, “da*n, that sucks, but don’t forget to use your thermite though.”

Another user didn’t know how to react, stating, “I wouldn’t even know what to think, I’d just sit there like wtf just happened.”

A Warzone veteran, all too familiar with this issue, shared, “This used to be every vehicle interaction in the early seasons. They made it loads better, but you never know 100% if you’re actually protected by the cover.”

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Next time you may have to think twice before taking cover behind a rock on Caldera. Equipping an anti-vehicle lethal grenade may also be a good idea as well.