Warzone vehicles are making players rage hard in Rebirth Island’s Prison Block

Alec Mullins
Warzone Pacfic's Rebirth Island is home to prison block and Timmy2Canz ruined it with a vehicleActivision

Vehicles are a potent way to dispatch enemies in Warzone but they’re not something you’d expect to see inside of a building. That’s exactly what happened here though as one streamer snuck a quad into a central building of Rebirth Island. 

Rebirth is the high-octane younger sibling of Warzone’s traditional battle royale mode. The map is designed to keep the engagement high so that the action doesn’t end until the game does.

While games in this mode can often be fast-paced and intense, one player has found the ultimate way to tilt opponents while making the game a breeze for himself.

Warzone vehicles take over Prison Block in Rebirth Island

Warzone Rebirth Island with logoActivision
Rebirth Island is home to Warzone’s more casual mode, where players can respawn after death.

Timmy2Cans is notorious for sneaking Warzone vehicles into places where they don’t belong and Rebirth Island is particularly ripe for those kinds of shenanigans.

After smuggling an ATV into the prison in the center of the map, the infamous TikToker received some fiery reactions from the people he chased down.

One opposing squad member went so far as to say that Timmy is cheating and warned him about a possible suspension: “You’re getting reported.”

Another enemy could be heard expressing his disbelief that the quad could even fit through doorways after getting taken out on the stairs: “No f***ing way you get in there!”

Ultimately though the streamer got a taste of his own medicine when someone in the lobby turned on the actual cheats and took his very own quad to the sky.

After a couple of attempts at dancing out of the way, 2Cans ends up getting squashed into the ground and sent back to the respawn screen the same way he did to so many others.