Warzone & Vanguard Season 3 cinematic teases Godzilla crossover

warzone pacific sea wreckActivision

A new Warzone Season 3 cinematic is taking the community by storm for possibly teasing a long-awaited Godzilla crossover that could finally be on its way. 

Raven Software have been ironing out bug fixes and gameplay updates after the April 13 patch which reintroduced vehicles to Rebirth Island and made crucial adjustments for the Bizon.

As the devs continue to implement improvements for Warzone, we’re already getting a glimpse at what may come to Caldera in the next season.

On April 13, Call of Duty fans got their first look at Season 3 with a cryptic cinematic trailer that could finally give way to the long-awaited Godzilla crossover event.

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Season 3 cinematic teasing a Godzilla crossover?

The new Warzone Season 3 trailer gave fans a fun cinematic, but the biggest tease came just before it ended. Though a Godzilla crossover has yet to be confirmed, people are convinced that the sights and sounds in the cinematic point to an imminent release.

Throughout the video, we see references to Nebula nuclear weapons and the dangers they present. Then it ends with chilling audio from “something far more powerful and fearsome than anything we could ever hope to comprehend.”

Viewers were treated to the roars and howls of an unknown creature that was apparently “shaken awake” from nuclear activity, a heavy reference to Godzilla’s classic origins.

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Godzilla vs. KongLegendary Pictures
Godzilla might be coming to Warzone, which could open up a lot of possibilities for future content.

The Godzilla crossover, if true, could bring in a lot of new and returning players to Warzone to see the major collab for themselves. Whether it’s Godzilla camos or missions related to the kaiju, it should bring a unique flavor to Warzone.

Raven have yet to reveal anything concrete about Warzone Godzilla update, but we’re bound to find out more in the coming weeks the closer we get to Season 3.