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Warzone update removes all vehicles because of game-breaking exploit

Published: 6/Sep/2020 9:36

by Calum Patterson


Infinity Ward has been forced to remove all vehicles from Warzone, after it was discovered that there was a game-breaking exploit allowing players to crash lobbies on demand.

This exploit began to become more widely known on September 5, with YouTuber JackFrags even saying that the game was totally “ruined” until there was a hotfix.

Players were able to completely crash the game server on command, by using one of the game’s trucks in a certain area of the map.

Infinity Ward disable vehicles in Warzone

Obviously recognizing the severity of the problem, Infinity Ward had to act fast to avoid more widespread issues as more players discovered how to perform the exploit.


Late on September 5, they rolled out a hotfix to temporarily remove all vehicles. This seems to be their only option at this time, as a true fix for the exploit would likely require a client-side update.

Until that is possible, a hotfix to remove vehicles is their only option, due to the serious nature of the exploit which would have resulted in games being crashed non-stop across the world in Warzone.

There’s no timescale given by Infinity Ward on when vehicles will be making a comeback, but as mentioned, it will probably not be until they can roll out a client-side patch to fix the actual exploit itself.


In the meantime, removing the tools to use the exploit (vehicles) will have to suffice. This obviously has an impact on gameplay, as trucks, quad bikes, and helicopters are a major part of Warzone.

On the bright side, it gives the devs and players a chance to experiment with a no-vehicle mode – even if not how they intended.