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Warzone update fixes game-breaking bugs with Stim and Loadouts

Published: 19/Dec/2020 17:10 Updated: 19/Dec/2020 17:58

by Theo Salaun


A December 19 Call of Duty: Warzone update is patching numerous issues that have emerged in the game since Black Ops Cold War’s integration in Season 1. Namely, the dreaded freezing loadout bug and the infinite Stim Shot glitch.

Since Season 1, Warzone players have found themselves surrounded by cascades of new content. Unfortunately, the massive integration of titles has also come with the re-emergence of two game-breaking bugs.

Within days of the season’s launch, Raven Software acted quickly to find a workaround for a glitched exploit that allowed players to abuse the new Attack Helicopters and become entirely invisible for the duration of a match. Now, they’re addressing the game’s next two biggest bugs.


Having simply removed the gunned choppers from the game, developers moved onto the next two biggest issues: the unlimited Stim Shot glitch and the loadout freeze bug. Each could completely ruin players’ games, making them chief priorities.

best r9-0 warzone loadout
Fans are still waiting for confirmation that the “Doof Doof” R9-0 is nerfed.

As Raven Software explain, they believe they’ve found solutions to both game-breaking bugs, but will be continuing to monitor in case anything slipped through the cracks. Additionally, the patch is accompanied by a variety of smaller, less consequential bug fixes.

No more infinite Stims or loadout freezes

As the patch notes indicate, there are two principal changes. First, Raven believe they have removed the ability for players to use tactical items infinitely (which directly caused the Stim Shot drama, allowing people to survive indefinitely in the gas).


Second, they believe they’ve solved the loadout drop problem. Given that loadouts now need to access a database with over 30 more guns and all of their attachments, it’s unsurprising that there were some problems doing so. Many players found themselves fully troubled by the issue though, as their character would simply freeze until they got downed when trying to access the loadout.

As of yet, they have still not officially addressed the questions surrounding weapon tuning in Season 1.

Warzone Season 1, December 19 patch notes

  • Fixed issue that allowed player to use tactical items infinitely
  • Speculative fix for players stuck when accessing loadout drops – if you still encounter this, let us know!
  • Fixed issue that prevented Seasonal Challenge progression
  • Fixed issue that prevented access to Match Summary screens
  • Fixed issue that prevented player from equipping max Cold War weapon level attachments
  • Fixed issue that displayed “unlocks at random level” instead of weapons’ intended unlock levels