Warzone trio beat their own world record for kills in a single match

Alan Bernal
Infinity Ward

A Call of Duty trio keeps pushing the benchmark for the most dominant game in Warzone by, once again, setting the world record for most kills in a single game.

Time and again across battle royale titles, world record attempts for most kills in a single game are thwarted by dozens of factors ranging from loot RNG to just unlucky drops.

But a team made up of Mark ‘Zepa’ Zepackic, ‘Lymax,’ and ‘Micka’ basically have these deep runs down to a science with yet another Warzone accolade.

Infinity Ward
From the 150 players in a given Warzone match, this trio bested over half of the lobby for a world record.

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In the early life cycle of the battle royale, the Australian collective has outdone its best game multiple times with increasingly refined tactics. That’s led them to an astonishing 85 kill game, the best seen in the title thus far.

“Night after night we just keep raising the bar,” Lymax said of the accomplishment. “This time we broke our previous Trios world record with a ridiculous 85 kill game. We were so calm throughout it, had no idea until the very end that we were even close.”

Employing everything from creative rotations, sharp comms, their favorite loadouts, clutch decision-making, and more, the gameplay of the record run shows some of the best Warzone highlights to come out of the community.

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The three-man group have tasted similar victories before, coming off a then-record of 78 kills, and before that, a tally of 73 kills with Micka and Lymax teaming up with a player called ‘SETZ.’

Zepa led the charge in the 85-bomb match with 34 kills to his name while dealing a whopping 11,222 damage to opponents. Meanwhile, Lymax claimed the last kill in the match to get his 30th elimination with 8,629 damage, along with Micka’s 21 kills and 6910 damage.

At the tail end of their video, one of the players can be heard saying their match “felt like an average game” before realizing they had broken their record, again.

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It’s this kind of dominant form that separates the best from the rest, letting the trio cap the world record three times in a row.

Getting 85 kills out of a possible 147 kills is a little over 50% of the server, meaning there’s still a ton of room for the trio to outdo themselves once again.

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