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Warzone tournament postponed after Aydan & Tommey drop out over “rigged” teams

Published: 23/Jul/2021 23:48

by Theo Salaun


There’s never a dull day in the Call of Duty: Warzone community, and July 23 was no exception, as Aydan and Tommey’s teams backed out of a $10K tournament due to unfair teams. Now, that $10K event has been changed and postponed.

So, eFuse wanted to try something new for their latest Warzone tournament. Putting $10,000 on the line, they thought it might be fun to do a “casters and creators”-style event, with one casual caster teamed with two grinders on each team.

As far as restrictions on eligible casters, eFuse said they needed to have casted at $1,000 in Warzone tournament prize pools and never have won an eFuse event. Little did they know, some pretty cracked players met those requirements.


After seeing some of the teams created for the event, Tommey decided to back out on the day of. Similarly troubled by the types of “casters” allowed, Aydan and Rated also dropped out. Subsequently, eFuse heard the noise and postponed.

As you can tell from Tom and Aydan’s tweets, there was some spice surrounding the event. One can only imagine Aydan sweating in rage, slipping and typing “rugged” instead of “rigged,” while Tom focused on how much the situation “sucks.”

Rage-induced sweat jokes aside though, what happened is simple: two “casters” had much more playing experience than casting experience. HusKerrs and Newbz wanted to play with GaGOD, while ScummN and UnRationaL wanted to play with Angelwalks.


Both GaGOD and Angewalks are known more for their play than their casting, so there was some dispute over their eligibility. While much of the drama spilled onto the timeline, eFuse then stepped up and decided to shift gears.

As the organizers explained, the caster tournament will be rescheduled for July 28 and the format will change. Instead of players picking casters, eFuse will select 16 casters to act as captains and pick their teammates.

Although K/D or earnings caps for casters could have solved this issue in advance, the community seems glad with this solution. Now, we just wait and find out if Angelwalks and GaGOD get captain spots.