Warzone TikTok leaves viewers in tears after streamer helps child get their first win

Warzone first win tiktok header imageActivision

A Warzone streamer has won over the hearts of viewers with a TikTok of his latest stream going viral after he assisted a young Warzone player in getting their first win.

Streamer Ryan Stoker went live recently and was playing hit Call of Duty Battle Royale Warzone. During the stream, he began chatting to a young player, Paul, who admitted he had never gotten a win in the game.

During the stream, Stoker struck up a conversation with the player who revealed during a game that they have never gotten a win. Stoker’s immediate response was to reassure him, stating, “don’t worry man, we’ll get you a win.”

Paul then went on to say that his inexperience in the game has resulted in him being subjected to negativity and hate from his peers. “The people at school pick on me cause I just started the game and I’m bad,” he said.

In the first game played together, Stoker tried to protect Paul but unfortunately, they were unable to get the job done. Paul then asked if he can play another game with Stoker to which he was receptive.

In the next game, Paul sweetly asked Stoker if he will “stick with him”. Stoker quickly replied and said he will, stating to his audience that “this is the cutest kid ever.” Paul soon recognizes Stoker as the “guy from TikTok” and when Stoker confirmed he is the TikToker in question, Paul squealed in excitement and stated that he “watches his videos all the time.”

Viewers emotional response to Stoker’s kind actions

His excitement began to overwhelm him and he even said he’s about to “cry right now” after realizing he is featuring on Stoker’s stream and calls the popular content creator his “favorite.”

Stoker, determined to get Paul his first win, declared to his chat that he is “not ending the stream until we get this guy his first win.” 

The two then finally made it happen which caused a massive emotional response from the young player. He then thanked Stoker and said that this experience has made him “famous.” The video finally ended with Paul thanking Stoker.

Those who have seen TikTok have complimented Stoker for his efforts in the comments section of the video, which now has over 7 millions views and has been generating a positive response from fans. One user stated to Stoker how it is, “very cool of you to boost that kid’s confidence – he’ll remember that as long as he lives.”

Many have even detailed their emotional response to the touching scenes, calling the video “so wholesome.” Another comment from Tiktok highlighted the beauty in Stoker helping a young player feel seen.

“From a mom, thank you for making this kid feel so special.”

The offical TikTok of the The Indianapolis Colts even commented on the video, calling the interaction the “cutest thing ever.”