Warzone TikTok loadout reveals MP5 is still “hip fire meta” after 13 nerfs

Philip Trahan
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A TikTok showcasing a “meta” loadout for Modern Warfare’s MP5 show’s that despite numerous nerfs, the submachine gun is still an absolute menace in Warzone.

The MP5 has long been one of Call of Duty Warzone’s premier Submachine Guns, with players and content creators calling it “broken” many times in the past.

Despite numerous nerfs over the years, the MP5 is still an absolute beast of an SMG thanks to its accuracy and easy recoil control.

Now a viral TikTok shared a loadout for the MP5 that showcases exactly why it’s the “hip fire meta” despite the abundance of nerfs.

Warzone TikTok reveals MP5 hip fire loadout

MP5 Warzone
Superavrage’s MP5 loadout showcases exactly why the development team nerfed the MP5 13 times.

The loadout comes by way of Superavrage on TikTok through his series ‘Making Modern Warfare metas.’

In the video, Superavrage explains that despite nerfing the SMG “13 times” the development team hasn’t found a decent way to stop the gun’s dominance.

It’s important to note that this loadout focuses on the Modern Warfare version of the MP5, not the version from Black Ops Cold War.

Superavrage’s loadout uses the Mono Integral Suppressor Barrel, the Merc Foregrip Underbarrel, 45 Round Magazine, 5mW Laser, and the FTAC Collapsible Stock as attachments.

As Superavrage mentions in the video, this loadout is meant to capitalize on the MP5’s hip fire potential, as the Merc Foregrip, 5mW Laser, and TAC Collapsible Stock all shrink the hip fire area.

Additionally, the loadout helps to speed up things like bullet velocity, sprint to fire time, ADS time, and movement speed.

As such, players looking to run this loadout are going to want to keep fights up close and personal.

Players who want to close fights out quickly can take a cue from Superavrage’s video and bring along a throwing knife to efficiently eliminate downed targets with ease.