Warzone streamers reveal concerns that Pacific is “Blackout 2.0” after first look

Warzone Pacifc with Blackout coverActivision

After months of waiting, streamers have finally gotten their hands on Warzone Pacific and the brand new Caldera map. But despite this being a new chapter for Warzone, some felt that Pacific reminded them of the first CoD battle royale – Blackout.

The wait is over, and streamers are finally getting to play Warzone Pacific ahead of its full December 9 release date. As you can imagine, social media is ablaze with content creators’ first impressions of Caldera, with streaming star Dr Disrespect saying it could be the update to save Warzone.

But despite all the fresh content, from new weapons to POIs to discover, some players have noticed that Warzone Pacific feels familiar. They pointed out some similarities between Caldera and Blackout, the first CoD battle royale that made its debut in 2018’s Black Ops 4.

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Some even went as far as to call it “Blackout 2.0,” although not everyone saw it as a bad thing.

Capital in caldera mapActivision
The lush greenery makes Caldera feel like Black Ops 4’s Blackout

Tweeting after his early playtest, CoD YouTuber JGOD shared a two-minute clip of him flying around the Warzone Pacific map. He said that the several areas of Caldera gave him “Blackout vibes,” as well as being a blend of the last three CoD installments.

Others were slightly less positive about the similarities. Professional Warzone player Speros_OG simply tweeted “Caldera is literally Blackout 2.0” after he got hands-on with the game.

The comparisons are likely coming from the fact that Caldera looks and feels much brighter than Verdansk, much how Blackout felt at launch. There is also much more greenery and the buildings stand out more, adopting a color pallette not too different from BO4’s battle royale attempt.

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Blackout was the CoD series’ first venture into the battle royale scene, and while it had some neat ideas, it never took off in the way devs would have hoped. With Warzone, however, Raven Software have created something with real staying power and is enjoyed by millions of players every month.

If you weren’t a fan of Blackout but are eager to jump into Warzone Pacific, don’t worry too much. Although comparisons can be drawn from the maps, the gameplay still appears to be sticking to the WZ formula you know and love. Outside of a few new guns and vehicles.

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