Warzone streamers Cloakzy & more roast glitched “Overwatch 2” Payload playlist

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone streamers Cloakzy & more roast glitched Overwatch 2 Payload playlist
Activision / Twitch, cloakzy

Warzone’s new game mode, Payload, finally dropped to the live servers. And streamers were not overly fond of the game mode that had Overwatch vibes and was a bit glitchy.

With the Season 4 update, Warzone devs announced there will be a new objective-based game mode making a debut in Verdansk.

This game mode, Payload, features 40 players battling it out in teams of 20 where one team needs to escort and push payloads while the other team tries to eliminate enemies from the payload to push it back.

As it hit live servers today, some of the top Warzone streamers wanted to see how the new game mode played out.

Payload game mode glitchy and similar to Overwatch mode

Payload is now playable in Warzone, but has some glitches.

Warzone streamer Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore queued up the new game mode Payload, which is an objective-based mode where players respawn and battle it out on offense or defense.

Unfortunately, for the Twitch streamer, he was only given one chance at stopping the payload. Cloakzy got a couple kills before getting taken out and was stuck with just an overview of the map and not a chance to respawn.

After dying players are supposed to have the option to spawn with Team A or B so they can attempt to defend from the payload reaching the end of the map.

Other streamers in his squad were able to keep respawning over and over, but they all had similar reactions. Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow made multiple Overwatch and multiplayer references and asked, “do they know that people switched to BRs from multiplayer?”

Symfuhny, too, didn’t quite get why this mode was put in Warzone and jokingly remarked, “Overwatch 2 finally came out!” He also sarcastically claimed he was “having a blast” when asked if they wanted to back out of the lobby.

After the game Symfuhny told his Twitch chat that the “mode was terrible.” He went on to add that he would never play that playlist when he could just play Battle Royale instead.

It’s only the earlier stages of the game mode and Activision could use feedback from the community to help improve the mode. On the other hand, if you like both Overwatch and CoD, then maybe this is the right mode for you.