Warzone streamer uses soundboard perfectly to troll salty enemies

Theo Salaun
Twitter, @icemanisaac / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone streamer IceManIsaac has been going all out in the Pacific recently. Now, he’s figured out the most ridiculous and effective way to troll toxic players in the end game’s comms – using a soundboard.

Call of Duty, like any competitive game, is full of happy moments and angry moments. The latter have become so ingrained in CoD culture that raging and talking trash is simply a matter of life at this point.

Like any true gamer, Warzone streamer IceManIsaac doesn’t shy away from that spice. While he’s used to putting enemies down, he’s also continuing to work on ways to amplify their tilt for the sake of entertainment value.

If there’s any right way to react to trash talk and rage, Isaac’s method is most certainly on that path. Instead of getting bothered, the streamer decided to use a popular clip on his soundboard to make the haters even angrier.

Warzone streamer uses soundboard to troll haters

Isaac posted his clip to Twitter with a simple caption: “How to deal with salty end game comms.” In essence, the idea was to use a soundboard clip to make everyone talking trash lose even more of their composure at the end of the game.

After Isaac won a game, he put the plan in motion. A wave of bleeped-out insults began and Isaac started playing the clip, which includes a younger voice saying “get s**t on” repeatedly before finishing with a “1v1 me you p***y!”

Warzone Roze skin team
Toxic Warzone players come in all shapes and sizes.

While you could hear people accusing Isaac of being a hacker in the beginning of the end game comms, everything immediately devolved as the soundboard kicked in. By the time the younger voice was screaming for a 1v1, the background noise was all bleeped-out curses.

The original video that Isaac got his soundboard clip from was a kid raging online while his sister recorded the audio. It’s from around two years ago and became an instant meme across the internet.

With Isaac’s clip, we now find out that the video is more than a meme – it can also be used to give salty players a taste of their own medicine.