Warzone streamer trolls Nadia accusers with fake Nadia on TikTok

nadia in youtube video with tiktok logo in cornerTikTok/YouTube: Nadia

A small Warzone streamer in search of a way to pick up his views found the perfect way to trick people into viewing, by claiming that he had Nadia playing on his setup to combat cheating accusations, before hitting them with the ultimate troll — and it’s not what you expect.

Nadia has fast become one of the biggest names in Warzone throughout 2022, partly due largely to a litany of hacking accusations made against her by ‘hackusation’ YouTubers.

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She’s blown up massively on TikTok as a result, with many fake TikTok Lives of her taking over the platform, and people posting videos suggesting that she is hacking based on various clips from her Twitch streams.

While some do it to get easy likes on the platform and rack up engagement, GalaxySnipess knew he had to go one step further to really engage with the Nadia demographic.

In one of many similar TikTok videos posted in October, GalaxySnipess said: “I challenged Nadia to come over and play on my setup to see if she’s actually cheating, so I’m live right now on TikTok with her playing on my setup, so tune in.”

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The only issue was, when viewers swiped over to his channel to view the livestream, they were instead met with GalaxySnipess just wearing a blonde wig, even having a caption on the screen saying that he’ll twerk for every 100,000 likes.

It goes without saying that Galaxy doesn’t actually have Nadia playing on his setup, but stranger things have certainly happened.

He’s got 300k followers on the platform, and the video above earned him over 3 million likes as people cottoned on to what he was doing and appreciated the joke.

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Meanwhile, a number of notable pros and content creators have expressed how impressed they are with Nadia’s “genius” marketing tactics, including Call of Duty League pro Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, who said the streamer is “thriving” by leaning into the hacking accusations.