Warzone streamer responds to “unfair” ban after Activision invite to play MW2

FIVEBYFIVEx speaking in YouTube videoYT: FIVEBYFIVEx

Popular Warzone streamer FIVEBYFIVEx has responded after being permanently banned from the Call of Duty battle royale – just weeks after being flown out by Activision to play Modern Warfare 2 early.

Warzone’s problems with cheaters have been well-documented, with the dedicated anti-cheat system RICOCHET introduced back in December to try and get a handle on the situation.

Now, one prominent streamer has been banned on the CoD battle royale but, rather controversially, she was flown out to play Modern Warfare 2 early by Activision just a few weeks ago.

In June 2022, streamer FIVEBYFIVEx shared her experience of being flown to Infinity Ward’s studios to get some hands-on experience with MW2, which will drop in October.

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Warzone streamer FIVEBYFIVEx banned permanently

Now, though, she has been permanently banned on Warzone. The streamer, who boasts over 61,000 followers on Twitch, has experienced issues with ‘shadow-banning’ in the past but, on July 15, was permanently banned.

Five maintained her innocence, explaining that she is more than happy to allow her PC to be completely checked for cheats and that she has protested the move with Activision.

“So after my shadowban last week, my account got perma banned,” she said. “I reached out to Activision, did everything I could to try and get this fixed but bans are final. Even if they are wrongful. Never cheated, VPN’d, unlock tool, camo glitch, anything.”

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In follow-up tweets, she stated that the move has forced her to start a new Warzone account from level 0.

She said: “It’s unfair and it sucks, but I’m not saying this to incite any kind of Activision hate, or to try and get my account back (I’ve accepted that it’s gone.) I just have nothing to hide. I’m open to PC checks and all my gameplay is there [on Twitch] for anyone to analyze.”

She thanked fans for their support and finished: “It’s a false ban, I’ll do whatever I have to do to prove it.”

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As of writing, the ban has not been removed or shortened and Activision have not commented.